SPAM Policy

What is "Spam"?

Spam is any unsolicited and generally unwelcome commercial communication used for direct marketing purposes where the sender is not entitled to send the message to you. For example, where the person who receives the message has no relationship with the sender of the message. Most companies or individuals that send Spam are trying to sell something or promote a new product or service. For example, some will announce that you have been lucky enough to win a prize in a competition and that all you need to do is ring a certain number to learn what it is and how to collect it. Sometimes the number in question will be a premium rate number and you will either find that at the end of a long message nothing happens, or that the value of the prize is considerably less than the cost of the call.

Our Position on Spam

Hyperride Technologies stringently guards its customers' personal details and does not share these details with third parties for their marketing purposes. Third parties can obtain your details in a number of ways. For instance, your details may be obtained through using other services they offer or on entry into a quiz or promotion. When your details are obtained it is a legal requirement that you are given the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications. Any subsequent communications should include contact information and details on how to opt out.